Stopping Vimeo Video On Modal Close

Say you have some vimeo videos setup in bootstrap modal dialogs.

Consider the following scenario:

  • User opens modal and starts playing video
  • User closes the modal. This could be an accidental click or they just don’t want to watch the video anymore
  • Video keeps playing in the background

A video which continues to play in the background will be annoying if it contains audio and you have your speakers/headphones on.

Thankfully, bootstrap and vimeo have provided all the tools necessary to stop playing a video when the modal closes.

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Composite C1 Deployment

Updating a CMS based website can be challenging, there often isn’t a clean way to get local changes out to the server.

The easiest thing to do is push all the code and restore your local database on the server, but that won’t always work. For example, if someone will need to be updating content during the development process.

Today we’re going to look at how to deploy some of the commonly used elements in Composite C1 using the sql server data provider.

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Spring Cleaning Code Edition

I’ve often been in the position to inherit a big box of software. Not the kind that you install from disc, but what other developers have wrote.

Maybe two departments get merged together, you get brought on to a company without a strong software culture, or your company decides to take things in house.

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Refactoring Email Template Formatting

Almost every website I’ve built has a contact page, which sends out an email to a list of people.

For many years I was using string based HTML templates with either String.Replace with [KEY] style placeholders, or String.Format and {0} placeholders. Both of these methods are rather ugly when you have to go back and update an email template. Continue reading Refactoring Email Template Formatting

LESS CSS In Visual Studio 2013

I’ve been using Web Essentials for a few weeks to compile LESS files into css. Web Essentials uses the node-less compiler and does a great job of updating the css anytime something is changed.

The issue I’ve been running into is with debugging. The sourcemap files don’t work in chrome, which means anytime you want to edit some styles you have to do a Control+F and search for the selector given in the generated css. This is tedious and very inefficient compared to having the line numbers available directly in chrome. Continue reading LESS CSS In Visual Studio 2013