Composite C1 WebDeploy

Working in CMS systems can be great, until you want to deploy some changes. Composite C1 is no different, the dataMetaData and workflow files can cause issues if you blindly blow them away, especially if your different environment’s databases weren’t sync’d up before making changes.

I’ve been testing some different deployment options the past few weeks and finally ended up with something I’m happy with. These builds aren’t currently automated, although if things go smoothly the next few months that might be the next step.

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Composite C1 Deployment

Updating a CMS based website can be challenging, there often isn’t a clean way to get local changes out to the server.

The easiest thing to do is push all the code and restore your local database on the server, but that won’t always work. For example, if someone will need to be updating content during the development process.

Today we’re going to look at how to deploy some of the commonly used elements in Composite C1 using the sql server data provider.

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