What is Angular 2? FAQs for Beginers

For a business seeking to create a great app or even a beginning web developer, many of them will find the Angular framework. For these people, the Angular 2 developer, many questions arise concerning the use of Angular 2 in app development, both browser-based and mobile. The following seeks to answer several of these questions and give an overview of the Angular development platform. Continue reading What is Angular 2? FAQs for Beginers

Angular 2 Essential Resources

This is just a big dump of everything I find to be useful with getting started and working on angular 2 web applications.

Official Resources

Starter Projects

These can be great to look at when trying to update angular 2 to the latest version and stuff just isn’t working. View the changelogs and see what others changed to update their projects to latest.


Third Party Components

Angular 2 Six Month Review

It’s been about six months since I picked up angular 2 to evaluate for my last consulting project. That project has wrapped up recently, and my next gig is going to be more straight .net focused.

I wanted to write a quick post outlining the pros/cons of angular 2 from my perspective of spending the past several months building an application with it.

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Angular 2 Single Web API File Upload

Often when doing a file upload, I want to get an ID value back from a database insert. Valor software’s ng2-file-upload is great for uploading multiple files to an endpoint, but doesn’t accept return values.

In this article I’ll look at how to do a simple single file upload using angular 2 and web api. Our example scenario is uploading a thumbnail image for a news article.

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Angular 2 Charts

This morning I started to look at putting some charts on an Angular 2 site. I was expecting to use HighCharts and do something similar to how I integrated with tinymce. I always run a quick search before building something new to see if there’s any libraries/snippets/info on the web that might be useful or teach me a better way to look at the problem.

To my delight, valor software has put together a nice integration with chartjs called ng2-charts.

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Angular 2 Build Process

Last week I setup ludohenin’s inlineNg2Template in a gulp build in an effort to improve my app’s performance. I got some improvements but decided I needed to look at bundling the app for better gains. SystemJS-Builder is a package which will allow us to pre-compile the app into one file and hopefully see a big drop in load times.

Here’s where we’re at currently.

Requests Load Time Size
Orginal 404 5.31s 2.2Mb
Inline Templates 355 5.2s 2.1Mb

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Angular 2 Inline Templates

Earlier when looking at versioning/cache busting I changed my templates from using the templateURL: ‘./template.html’ syntax to template: require(‘./template.html’).  The more time I spend building out pages on the site, the slower it’s getting. Today, we’re going to look at in-lining html templates in our javascript files as a build step.

This should reduce the amount of http requests and hopefully load time as well. To load the homepage, my site is making 404 http requests, transferring 2.2Mb of data, and takes 5.31s to load. I’d like to bring the initial page load time down to 1s or less if possible.

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Angular 2 SystemJS Cache Busting

Browser caching of files yields major performance benefits, reduced network usage, decreased load times etc.

One of the most annoying things is when you update some javascript and your users don’t see the changes because they have a cached version of the file.

Today we’re going to look at a simple way to achieve versioning in an angular 2 app using a query string parameter.

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