The Role of Custom Software with Smart Cities

The rapid advancement of online technologies has now made smart cities possible; the definition of these technological wonderlands is still being developed, yet the pieces are slowly being put together. In an effort to look at the far-reaching implications these developments present, let’s discuss the role of custom software with smart cities. Continue reading The Role of Custom Software with Smart Cities

Healthcare Software and the Blockchain

Sharing information is a huge problem in healthcare. Providers need information about their patients’ medical history to provide the right treatment and avoid risks, but getting authorization is an outrageously complex process. HIPAA requirements are strict, and releasing information without the necessary permissions can result in heavy fines. Paperwork is a big part of a doctor’s working day.

Several startup companies are looking at blockchain technology to improve sharing of information while protecting it from unauthorized access. A blockchain is a “distributed ledger.” Copies of it are widely available, and entries in it are digitally signed. No single party owns it. Records can be added only according to its rules, and unauthorized changes to one copy won’t match the other copies, so they’ll be rejected. Continue reading Healthcare Software and the Blockchain

Why Do You Need A HIPAA Custom Software For Your Healthcare Business?

When you are considering using custom software for your health care business, you have to consider talking to the consultant or developer about making sure the software is HIPAA compliant. When you search the internet about HIPAA, you will find a variety of topics regarding healthcare providers, insurance, etc.

As someone who is a part of the healthcare industry, you should care about having a HIPAA compliant custom software for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons of why you should care about making sure your custom software complies with the regulations and requirements set by HIPAA. Continue reading Why Do You Need A HIPAA Custom Software For Your Healthcare Business?

Public Key Infrastructure for a Secure Healthcare IoT

Devices in the Healthcare Internet of Things have to meet two requirements. They need to make their information available when it’s needed, without complications or delays. Difficulties in transferring information hamper a patient’s treatment. At the same time, the information needs to be protected from anyone who isn’t authorized. Breaches can aid identity theft and blackmail, and a negligent organization may have to pay huge HIPAA fines.

The Internet of Things has been plagued with security issues, and the stakes are especially high with healthcare devices. A breach in a digital thermostat could add it to a botnet. A breach in a medical device could make it malfunction when a life is at stake. Malware could even make devices act harmfully, perhaps to extort protection money from a hospital. Continue reading Public Key Infrastructure for a Secure Healthcare IoT