How Does Technology Impact the Workplace?

In the business world, there’s no doubt that technology has always played an important role in how we operate. Whether people were using traditional phones to keep in touch with their customers, are currently moving their business to social media, or will be looking for ways to improve custom software for their business, the industry has always relied on technology to operate successfully. In fact, some might say that we’ve become way too reliant on our devices.

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Is a Software Product a “Medical Device”?

When is a software product just an application, and when is it part of a medical device? Getting the answer wrong may result in major legal liability. Medical devices are subject to FDA control, so software developers have to know when they’re writing for one, and healthcare software consultants need a clear understanding of the issues.

The FDA’s guidelines for what constitutes a medical device go mainly by its intended purpose. A tongue depressor is a medical device; a wooden stick that isn’t sold as a tongue depressor isn’t, even if there’s no physical difference. Continue reading Is a Software Product a “Medical Device”?

Spring MVC vs. ASP.NET MVC

In the course of discussing Java-based applications vs. .NET-based applications, it often seems as if we are using different names for the same concepts. For any feature in one camp you can find the equivalent feature in the other that simply has a different title and syntax. The extremely robust Spring framework certainly matches almost one-to-one with .NET.

However, there are major philosophical differences between the two, despite the feature parity. We generally see tradeoffs between the ease of being able to develop rapidly with industry-standard features and being able to adapt our solutions to any libraries or customizations that we see fit. The way the two platforms approach MVC demonstrates this contrast very well. Neither one is really a “correct” approach; the choice simply reflects the needs and preferences of the developer. Continue reading Spring MVC vs. ASP.NET MVC

The Future Of Healthcare Internet Of Things

Although the Healthcare Internet of Things has been attracting more attention lately, it is not a new concept. The Internet of Things involves using electronic devices that can capture any type of data. These electronic devices are connected to the cloud, either publicly or privately.

The need for connected devices is relevant in nearly all industries, including the healthcare industry. Many healthcare professionals are keeping a watchful eye on the Internet of Things to determine if this should be part of their facilities. Continue reading The Future Of Healthcare Internet Of Things