The Evolution of Text in CSS


Text formatting doesn’t look too complicated when you consider just English and other European languages, but in a connected world it’s become increasingly important to consider all languages, with their different character sets and typographic conventions. Work on CSS┬átries to keep up with this growing need. Work is still ongoing on the CSS Level 3 Text Module, with a new Editor’s Draft as of February 2016. Continue reading The Evolution of Text in CSS

The Healthcare Internet Of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz phrase that has garnered much attention lately, and it has particularly significant application within the healthcare field. Within the healthcare field, the Internet of Things refers to devices and applications utilized both in and out of hospital settings to support Electronic Health Records (EHRs) via the World Wide Web. And it is growing at a rapid rate to become the medicalmethodology of the future. confirms that “According to a recent Mercom study, healthcare technology companies that focused on the IoT saw a significant increase in venture capital funding in 2016. In general, the digital health sector generated $1.4 billion in the first quarter.” In addition, the website addresses a newly passed Senate committee bill called the Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things Act (DIGIT Act), a bill that, if passed by the full Senate, will impart great influence in many fields, including the field of healthcare. Following, we will examine some aspects of the IoT in the healthcare field, and we will investigate some of its benefits. Continue reading The Healthcare Internet Of Things

Understanding the CSS Object Model


CSS has been evolving along with HTML5. An exciting feature of CSS3 is the CSS Object Model (CSSOM). It grew out of HTML’s Document Object Model (DOM). Just as DOM allows JavaScript to manipulate an abstract representation of an HTML document, CSSOM allows it to do the same with stylesheets. Web designers need to understand both CSSOM and DOM to produce the best pages possible.

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Electron .Net MVC Simple Kiosk

Recently I’ve been evaluating some technologies to replace an aging kiosk application, mainly WPF and Electron.

I had good feelings after hearing about Electron ( which allows you to build desktop applications based on web technologies. It took about 30min following the docs to get a hello world example setup which displays a simple local html file. Electron’s entry point by default is a main.js file:

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