CSS Improvements for Supporting International Writing Structures

Technology and the internet are now ingrained within society. For a vast part of the population, using the internet is a part of their regular routine. This ever-increasing user base means that businesses need to begin supporting an international audience. To remain competitive, companies are attempting to connect with other demographics. On the international scale, what is the most significant dividing factor separating one demographic from another? In nearly all cases, language is the largest barrier. In order to successfully communicate, some form of common ground has to be established. Imagine trying to sell a product to someone who speaks a different language than you do. There isn’t a solid starting point. For a company to effectively communicate to international demographics, it needs to make changes. You can’t expect someone to visit your website looking to buy a product, and have them try and translate the information on their own. It is the company’s responsibility to offer its content in as many languages as possible. While the act of translating to multiple languages is a daunting task itself, in the past there have been technological setbacks as well.

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What Is New In Javascript?

Javascript is an interpreted, lightweight and object-oriented language. It is famous for being the scripting language for website pages and runs on the client side of the Web. JavaScript contains a library of objects and a core set of language elements. You can use it to interact with HTML source code to enable Web authors to jazz up a site with dynamic content. Details about popular frameworks are below. Continue reading What Is New In Javascript?

Angular 2 Single Web API File Upload

Often when doing a file upload, I want to get an ID value back from a database insert. Valor software’s ng2-file-upload is great for uploading multiple files to an endpoint, but doesn’t accept return values.

In this article I’ll look at how to do a simple single file upload using angular 2 and web api. Our example scenario is uploading a thumbnail image for a news article.

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Digital Marketing Tools for Driving and Monitoring Traffic in 2016


Digital marketing can seem rather complex and difficult to manage when you aren’t using tools to assist you. Fortunately, there are a variety of software developers that cater to digital marketing. They provide tools and resources that make monitoring and optimizing marketing campaigns easier. Get to know your data better, understand what it means and drive results through the right digital marketing channels. That’s what good marketing tools can accomplish. Here’s the top digital marketing tools and resources that you need for generating traffic in 2016. Continue reading Digital Marketing Tools for Driving and Monitoring Traffic in 2016

Angular 2 Charts

This morning I started to look at putting some charts on an Angular 2 site. I was expecting to use HighCharts and do something similar to how I integrated with tinymce. I always run a quick search before building something new to see if there’s any libraries/snippets/info on the web that might be useful or teach me a better way to look at the problem.

To my delight, valor software has put together a nice integration with chartjs called ng2-charts.

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing involves promoting brands/products through electronic media. You use methods and channels that allow your organization to analyze advertising campaigns and what is or is not working well. Digital media is so omnipresent that consumers can access information anytime and almost anywhere they want. The 3 keys to digital marketing success are:

  • Managed complex customer relationships across an array of channels.
  • Cull value from big data to reach better decisions faster.
  • Initiate and respond to dynamic customer interactions.

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