We are problem solvers, using cutting edge technology to meet your custom software development needs.

Who We Are.

Unity Data Systems is a software development consulting firm based in Kansas City. We are founded on the principle of delivering premium value and quality solutions through our highly skilled & talented technical team.

We are a modern
virtual agency.

Our staff consists of a global network of expert contractors.

We can quickly & efficiently serve clients located around the world.

We communicate primarily through email, video chat, and instant messaging.

Our staff is more diversely skilled, productive, and flexible when compared to those working in a traditional agency environment.

What We Do.

At Unity, we build custom software that solves business problems. We have successfully helped a wide range of clients including private entities, startups, government, non-profits, and publicly traded companies. We focus on Microsoft .net & angular 2 and are familiar with both bleeding edge technologies and legacy systems.

Technologies We Use

Our Process.

We like to keep the feedback loop as tight as possible with small iterations and incremental review. On larger projects we will often start developing one section of the system while continuing to work on the scope and design of another section.


The first step is determining if we are a good fit to work together on a project. We employ a consultative selling process to deeply understand the problems your business is facing before recommending a solution. 

more info
  • Could you provide a high level overview of the project? What needs to be built.
  • What are the business goals? Why we are building this.
  • What defines a successful project? When can it be marked as “complete.”
  • Is there a defined budget? We want to work on solving high value problems. Typical projects are sized above $25,000.
  • Is this a new project? Decide are we building from the ground up or extending an existing solution.
  • What is the timeline? Look from both a purchasing perspective as well as external project deadlines.
  • Are you talking to any other consultants? We want to be your trusted partner in developing a solution to these problems.

02 / project scoping

In this phase of a project we work to identify business processes, system workflows, conduct feasibility analysis, and gather requirements. Depending on the project size this could take anywhere from one day to several months. We use this phase to develop an initial project timeline and, if appropriate, set goals for different phases/iterations.

03 / Ux & UI Design

During this phase we look at graphic design, mockups, user interfaces and usability. At the end of this phase we will have a clear understanding of how people are going to interact with the system and how it is going to look visually.

04 / System Architecture

For this phase we look at system architecture, technology selection, database design, component architecture, and API designs. At the end, we should have an explicit plan of how the system is going to be built and communicate with any external systems.

05 / Software Development

In this phase we implement the system architecture and designs developed prior. This includes any testing, user acceptance, A/B testing, acceptance surveys, and feature release.

06 / support

Post project release we address any performance issues, bug fixes, and user feedback.

Lets Talk.

Have a new you project you would like to discuss? Please leave us a quick note describing what you're looking to do, we would love to hear from you.

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